About us

BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC, serves production houses, filmmakers, directors and end clients using a well rounded, highly skilled team of some of the best animation, visual effects and 3D graphics specialists in the business. Fast and efficient when it comes to quick-turnaround projects, BREAKIRON brings innovative ideas, flexibility and a positive attitude to every engagement.

The company was founded by Charlie Breakiron in June 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona. The formation of BREAKIRON has its roots in Charlie’s extensive experience as a freelancer and instructor. Prior to founding the company, Charlie had served the industry more than 15 years in locations such as Los Angeles, California; Koblenz, Germany; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Phoenix, Arizona.

Once Charlie was able to turn his full-time focus to BREAKIRON, its reputation began to grow steadily. Prominent projects effectively positioned BREAKIRON in the public eye in 2002 and 2003 in particular. These included visual effects for the Arizona Diamondbacks® baseball team logo, animation for the Arizona State University® proposal for the NASA 2007 Scout mission space project and 3D digital graphics animation for the Diamondbacks® ballpark monitor.

For a number of years, BREAKIRON operated through Charlie’s participation as an individual member of client teams. However, some time after relocating to Raleigh, N.C., he began building a group of top-shelf talent to handle large, complex projects for BREAKIRON clients. Charlie’s experience as an instructor and his veteran status in the industry enabled him to quickly recognize superior creative talent and team potential. Versatility, an enhanced skill set, speed and efficiency are just a few of the benefits.

Today, the BREAKIRON team’s flexibility and agility enable it to quickly adapt to the needs of the changing market. Projects have included contracts for medical applications, advertising, television and the military, among others. Work is supported by top-performing, leading-edge technology such as the Softimage®/XSI animation solutions. The company has successfully completed projects with as many as 12 people working at a time, and the team structure allows for expansion if needed. Recently BREAKIRON finished a six-month project in a three-month window—a significant value for the client.

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